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We have a large garden which receives far too much of Jeanne's love and my labour. There is a badminton lawn, you are welcome to try your hand at archery or take a stroll through the garden gate and down the old 'King's road' (a track through the woods).

There is an infrequent bus service to Lillehammer, 15 mins away, where the tourist office at the station will provide you with all the brochures you could possibly want. If you type in 'Lillehammer tourist' on your computer, all will be revealed.

If you are interested in sight-seeing, then you must have a car. It is too difficult and expensive to get around any other way. From November to April, you will need winter tyres, for we do not expect to see the tarmac on local roads for at least 4 months per year. Main roads are kept clear, and driving is much easier than one would believe. There are only a handful of days in the winter when conditions are tricky. Summer driving is a doddle. The roads are uncrowded and nice and wide. 50mph speed limits are normal. Signposting is good - but watch the priority from the right when not on a main road - even some locals get that one wrong.


A typical winter day is blue sky and about -4°C to -12°C; perfect skiing weather. You can join a network of cross-country tracks at our garden gate, but because we live in a hilly area, you will need to have a good idea of what you are doing! If in doubt, take a look at, perhaps I can help....

Keith's ski teaching rates are 250kr per person per hour for two or 350kr for one. A full day as guide/instructor including transport would cost 1,500kr total for up to five people. The same day rate would apply for a moose-spotting or sight-seeing trip.

The tourist office in Lillehammer has all the information on Alpine skiing etc. see 'lillehammer tourist' on the net.


Make yourself at home in the cottage and finish that book or painting. We live in a quiet, peaceful, rural village, surrounded by farmland and trees with a 20 mile view down lake Mjøsa. We get about the same rainfall as Kent, but much less humidity. The air feels fresh all the time. Artists and photographers like the strong colours that our clear air provides. We get very few mosquitos here, and most insects are kept to a minimum by the harsh winters. If you are lucky you might see moose, roe, fox, badger and even lynx. Keep your eyes open when driving or walking anywhere.

We have recently started a rental business, delivering hot tubs to mountain cabins etc. for short-term hires. We will often have a tub available for our guests, and since there is minimum work to set one up at home, you may hire a tub for your exclusive use for 250kr per day, without having to pay the normal set-up charge. Please order it in good time, because the water takes two days to heat up to a delightful 38°C.

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