Cottage for rent

Relax in the Norwegian countryside


The journey could not be simpler!

From the airport

Oslo's main airport is Gardermoen, situated 25 km north of the city. Don't be tempted by cheap flights to other airports, the hassle and time involved are not worth it. We always use Norwegian Air Shuttle by choice.

By Train

When you come out of the arrival area, turn right and walk along to the ticket office for the trains. Buy a ticket to Moelv and take the next Lillehammer train (usually track 1). They go about once an hour, exact times can be found on You will arrive at Moelv after 90 mins of delightful scenery with Lake Mjøsen on your left for much of the way. We will meet you at the station for the 20min ride to our house in Brøttum.

By Car

If you decide to hire a car, this can be done at the airport. The journey is virtually foolproof.Click here for a road map with directions.


One other thing worth mentioning, there is a large duty free shop in the baggage collection area at the airport. I recommend that you buy cigarettes, wine and spirits there if you have not already done so. Norway has very high taxes on such essentials.

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