This booklet is about removing the mysteries that seem to surround cross-country skiing in the minds of people from milder climates. Questions like; would it suit me? How fit should i be? What should I take with me? How difficult is it to learn? Do I need ski-school? You will find answers to all those questions in this book.

Skiers passing

This is one of 49 illustrations which help to expand on the text in a light-hearted way. Here we see two skiers travelling in opposite directions, and in Norway, it would be poor form to pass without a "Hei" or even a "Hei Hei" if you recognised the person, or were feeling particularly cheerful.

The book is A5 in size and contains drawings, photos and a few adverts which helped to pay the overheads. The 68 pages are divided into three sections; Information, Technical and Practical. The information you might well need before you come, the technical you will get to grips with over time, and the practical is my complete step-by-step teaching system which has proved it's value time and time again.